October 2015 Review 



I loved Wick. I played in August with my hickories off the red tees and actually played quite well and beat the 
American with modern clubs with whom I was playing! Dexter also enjoyed himself and met a couple of 
other gundogs out on the links.
I have to apologise for not fore-warning you that I was coming but it was decided at the last moment.
Even with the amount of rain in north Scotland this year your predominantly fine fescue/browntop bent 
grassed greens were still remarkably firm and true. I particularly enjoyed the back nine with the greater 
movement in the ground and into the wind. Overall a very fine natural links with some creative and testing 
green complexes. Great fun!    
Many thanks
Lorne  (Smith)



July 2015


Subject: Golf course review
Date: Tue, 28 Jul 2015 09:10:16 +0100

I played Wick golf course yesterday for the second time, first time was in April in the snow and loved it as much as the first time. Step on to the first tee and enjoy one of the most natural links courses you will ever find, generous fairways, great greens, scenery to die for what more do you need to find a reason to play golf at an amazing golf course, all roads lead to Wick if you want a golfing treat, try it I did twice and will be back again for sure. The welcome you get up here is amazing green keepers stopping to talk to you members having a wee chat as you walk past, time to book your trip to Wick heaven on earth is waiting for you.

Best regards Willie Mckenzie WLMgolf.com

From: "adam middle"
Date: 25 May 2015 09:47:18 BST
To: <wickgolfclub@hotmail.com>
Subject: review

I have wanted to play this course for some time now having heard rumours about it and also having a quick look across it a few years ago while on holiday (Mrs. wouldn’t let me play that time). So this time on a holiday I made sure I played.

The course is all of what I expected you stand on the first short par 4 thinking this looks easy looking out over what seems to be a reasonably flat links course, a sensible controlled drive up towards the green leaves you a nice little flick in, if you keep it straight on walking this hole you get the feeling this course may be as easy as you first think. You notice as you get away from the clubhouse that the course wasn’t so much built but just cut out of the existing links land as all traditional links courses used to be done, not many left now. As you move on getting a feel for the wind which on my day was in the back of my head the land starts to reveal itself with swales, hollows, pot bunkers and rough that just wants to keep your ball even though you can find it quite easily. Out ward 8 very pleasant helping wind making me feel like im striking the ball better than ever all is good, then in great tradition the 9th turns straight  towards the north sea and a great looking par 3 with spectacle bunkers guarding the front and dunes all around suddenly bites back. Now your heading home having to carefully ease your ball through the now aggressive wind with some but not much protection from the high sea dune running along the beach, a sliced ball here can end up a long way off the fairway. Some of the best holes are on the back with great views over Sinclair bay and Ackergill tower with raised tees cut into the side of the dunes.

All in all this course is a hole bunch of fun and should be on everyone’s list of courses to play as a true representation of a traditional links, but do remember this is a small members club with little money but a lot of passion it is not like the trump course with starters and caddies and cocktails, the clubhouse may not even be open but just sign the book and leave your green fee in the honesty box and have a great day as we did


March 2015


Wow what a golf course , I arrived in Wick with the snow falling and set off on my round thankfully the snow stopped, I love my golf to be on a natural links course and it doesn't get any more natural than Wick golf course, the first 8 holes are played straight out with no shelter from the elements, the ninth hole is a great par 3 heading into the dunes, then from the 10th in the holes hug the sand dunes which are in excess of 100 feet high, I climbed to the top of the dunes and looked out over the sea and you feel like you are on the edge of the world.

The course is fairly flat with most of the greens raised so it is suitable for all ages, the scenery is to die for and the great welcome I got from the secretary and the head green keeper was very well received. You feel you have stepped back in time when you play Wick there is no pampering or airs and graces just a fabulous old fashioned out of this world golf course waiting for you to discover.
The drive up is rewarded with stunning scenery along the coastline, this was my first time at Wick and I'm sure that it will be the first of many visits. Cannot wait to go back.

Willie Mckenzie Golf Pro WLMgolf.com

Subject: Review
Date: Tue, 7 Oct 2014 21:37:57 +0200

Dear Sir


I played Wick GC for the second time last August and I really enjoyed it again. This is where I would love to play throughout the whole year (at home in Switzerland, most courses are closed in late autumn and winter), enjoying the perfect condition of the course, the great layout and the fast greens. I might add the reasonable number of people on the course (compared to the overcrowded public course I usually play) and the speed of play ….


I will certainly come back in two years to play again.


Kind regards



Eric Vogler


Date 28th February 2014


Absolute gem of a course, from the courteous helpful members to
the wonderfully spectacular greens and fairways. Stunning views are the
icing on the cake. A must for anyone visiting the area.

Neil Walters


Date : Monday 18th February  2013



My name is Martin Smith and I'm a 1st Assistant Greenkeeper on the golf courses
at the Gleneagles Hotel in Perthshire.

I was up in your area at the end of September last year, and was looking to get
a few games of golf with my partner. I got in touch with John through your
facebook page and he told me greenfees etc, so we came along for a game and we
were both very pleasantly surprised.

On arrival, John met us in the clubhouse and he had organised for your Head
Greenkeeper to come along and meet me, which was great. They were both very
pleasant, and clearly love their course, and it's easy to see why.

Once we got out onto the course, we were delighted that we did come for a game.
Having been one of the worst years for weather that i can remember as a
greenkeeper, the course was in great condition, with only one area on the 8th
that i can recall being wet, but even then, it wasn't that bad. The overall
condition of the course was very good, and it has a very good lay out with some
testing holes for all standards of golfers. The greens were nice and true and
had a decent pace on them, the fairways were wide enough for general play, and
the rough was forgiving, as long as you weren't too wild, which is the way it
should be.

Considering there are only 2 greenstaff, the general condition and attention to
detail of the course was very good, and hopefully all the members are very
proud of the job that the staff do to keep the course in such good condition
for them to play all year round.

I'd like to thank all at Wick Golf Club for their hospitality during our visit
and the next time we are up in the area, we will definitely like to come along
for another game or two. I'd also like to wish everyone all the best for this

Thanks again,

Martin Smith


Alan Mcpherson
To: wickgolfclub@hotmail.com
Subject: RE: tee time request
Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2012 11:10:37 +0100

Hi Rognvald –

sorry I missed meeting you last week. I played the course in great weather, apart from some rain on the last couple of holes, but I thought the course was in fantastic condition. I hear you’ve a new greenkeeper who’s doing wonders – it shows. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you again for your help in enabling me to play at Wick. Another big thanks also goes to the kindness of the Steward for his gifts of a club ball marker and
divot fork and the friendliness of the members I met. I hope I’ve done justice to the course in my blog entry at
http://www.scottishgolfcourses-allofthem.blogspot.co.uk/search?updated-max=2012-09-06T14:03:00%2B01:00&max-results=7&start=7&by-date=false but I’ll certainly be mentioning Wick as an outstanding links course to anyone who asks (and I get quite a few internet requests for information on Scottish

As you know, I’m fundraising with acouple of other guys who are also doing the all-courses challenge with me, namely Craig Watson and Stu Fleming. The 3 of us are due to play the Isle of Stroma course next Monday, weather permitting and we’ll be staying in Thurso on the Sunday night. I’m not sure whether the others will have time to play at Wick as well on that trip and much might depend on whether the weather is good enough to enable us to get the boat across to Stroma and back, but if you happen to get a couple of extra visitors next week, It’ll probably be Craig and Stu. Craig plays off 1 at Carnoustie and is already itching to play Wick based on the reports I’ve given him!

Best regards


Date: Sat, 28 Apr 2012

From: Svenerik Larsson

To: wickgolfclub@hotmail.com
Subject: visit
Dear Sir,


One week ago I visited Wick GC for the first time in my life - and was very surprised. In spite of
lots of rain the course was in a fabulous condition with extremely good greens. I also loved the lay out of the
golf course with many good golf holes and some beautiful views.


After my game, the bar/clubhouse had opened and I was made very welcome there. John, in the bar was an extremely friendly person, and so was the member whose name I did not quite catch, but who treated me to a pint.


Lots of thanks to these people and to the ones responsible for the course and the friendliness.
I really hope I will be able to come back to this part of the world in a near future, if only to play Your course, 
which really is worthy of the title A Hidden Gem in Scotland. I think it should have been in the book True Links, as it certainly is one.


Once again, thank You very much
Svenerik Larsson 

Lund, Sweden