Wick Golf Club Local Rules



Out of Bounds


The Boundaries of the course are the fence behind the
clubhouse, the fence above the implements sheds, the fence on the left side of
the course going out, the River Wester and the practice area as defined by the
white stakes.


Water Hazards


The ditches running parallel to the boundary fence on
the left side going out are LATERAL water hazards. All other ditches and
drainage channels are water hazards with the exception of the cuttings on the left of the 10th and 12th fairways.




The obstructions on the course are the Clubhouse, Shelter Sheds, the Telegraph Pole at the 17th and the man-made paths, excluding all bridges. Paths around the Clubhouse should be treated as part of the Clubhouse.



Sprinkler Heads


All sprinkler heads are immovable obstructions and relief from them may be obtained under Rule 24-2. In addition a player may take relief if the sprinkler head lies in a direct line between the hole and the ball and the ball lies within one club length of the sprinkler head. In these circumstances the ball may be lifted and dropped at the nearest point to where
the ball lay which (a) is not nearer the hole, (b) avoids interference with the sprinkler head and (c) is not on the putting green.